ACHTUNG! – Eneco HollandseWind Certificaten

Eneco HollandseWind Certificaten, de ACHTUNG!

Publié le 19 July 2014
par Nicolas
3D, Daily Selection, Video
  • titi

    Actung ?… it’s in german/deutsch … if you mean « Danger » in …dutsch/nederlands… it’s gevaar

  • Nicolas Tarier

    Hello Titi. In that case ACHTUNG! is the name of the agency behind this ad :)

  • vanM

    Hi Titi.
    Achtung is indeed German, but im afraid to tell you it does not mean Danger. It means ‘attention/beware’. You will often encounter it in planes/buses/trams/trains near their exit or emergency exit (i’m talking about german speaking countries)..
    As for your suggestion in Dutch…I must say (i’m dutch not ‘dutsch’) the correct translation would be ‘opgepast/aadacht’.
    Sur ce, merci a Nicolas de l’expliquation quand à l’origine du titre « Achtung ». C’est vrai que cela prêtait a confusion.