Les incroyables oeuvres 3D de Stefan Morrell

Stefan Morrell est un artiste néo-zélandais basé à Lyttelton. Il se spécialise dans la 3D et ça se voit. Il excelle dans la modélisation et le texturing d’environnements, notamment dans l’univers de la science-fiction. Le niveau de détail de chaque oeuvre est remarquable. Pour en voir plus, visitez sa galerie sur CGPortfolio.

Publié le 22 July 2011
par Nicolas
  • http://chuknum.com Chuknum

    These are mind-blowing!

  • http://www.opiniaouniversal.com.br Vitorio Bugulin

    Meus parabéns pela sua habilidade e criatividade.

  • podgorica

    magnifique, un artiste de talent avec qui il faut compter

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  • http://www.facebook.com/cayroe Cay Roe

    This is awesome!

  • Emil Blablablå

    Each time I see Art like this, I wonder why we continue to put crappy conceptual « art » in museums. This kind of Art needs work and can connect with audiences, what we have right now in museums does not, it’s a shame really.

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  • shnf

    Who cares about flocking to some snobby museum, with a cover charge, to stare at image after still image as you pass down the art appreciation assembly line? Art museums have become history museums, and history museums are great, don’t get me wrong…. but this type of computer generated artwork is 60 frames-per-second and can play on any device screen in any place, who needs a gallery?