Short Animation Film #36 : Sintel

The Blender Foundation is concerned about the image of its free and open source software (Blender) and wants to show to everyone that it can do exactly the same things as it’s very expensive competitors. To prove this, the foundation has just released Sintel, a new short-film which is of course really impressive. Many talented artists from the entire world have collaborate in the Amsterdam Blender Institute (Netherlands) to make this ambitious project. The result is an astonishing 3D short-film which last almost 15 minutes (closing credits including). The mise-en-scene and animations are particularly amazing. And the story is great too. Don’t miss it!

Visit the official website of Sintel

Published 2 October 2010
by Nicolas
3D, Video
  • NYD

    J’ai beaucoup suivi ce court métrage mais j’ai été déçu par certaine scène ou l’éclairage fait défaut et certaine modélisation ou texturage qui font trop tache ou simpliste, honnêtement autant je ne peux rien reprocher a Big Buck Bunny autant ce Court métrage ma déçu …

  • http://facebook marwane

    vraiment c incroiyable ca bon contunuation et merciii pour votre ……………………..??=)