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40 awesome sand sculptures

This is summer (for one part of the world at least) and we thought it’s the perfect timing to put online a new theme-based showcase. Below you can find 40 really impressive sand sculptures. The amount of details in these works are outstanding and the size of some sculptures is remarkable. You’ll have to train a lot if you want to do the same! If you know other great sand sculptures, let us a comment!

Published 12 August 2011
by Nicolas
Art, Others, Sculpture, Showcase
  • Warion

    Très très nice, la grande classe !

    A voir en vrai, il y a le chateau de Disney à Paris Plage qui est assez sympa ;)

  • daryl


  • little boots

    how many of these are from the xi’an international horticultural expo?

  • http://stumbleupon.com Scott

    These Works Of Art Are A True Representation Of Our Life…
    Passing Like A Mist But Touching Lives In That Short Moment.

    Thank You

  • http://nonigallery.blogspot.com/ Noni

    incredible dexterity…I couldn’t stop watching and wondering “how?!?”…very good stuff! :)

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  • http://twitter.com/roxxydee wayne

    incredable artist some of them are so lifelike

  • http://www.khamal.fr Khamal

    Vraiment superbe ! Y’a du niveau comparé à nos châteaux de sable :D

  • http://www.2shape.nl Hanneke

    Nice to see some of my work is up there :-)

  • http://yourdivinematch.ukdating.biz/index.php Graham

    Fandabydozy makes mr wonder just hpw they were done.
    Fo they use wet sand?
    Use supports for the upright ones?

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  • EFitzP

    A lot of them are made with wet sand that is put into large rectangular molds and packed down super tight, then they take the sides off and start to carve into the big block. To smooth out the finished product they use a mist of water to wash off any loose grains of sand. There’s an annual sand castle competition near where I live, and they aren’t allowed to use additional supports in the structures. Some of these are seriously mind blowing though, it’s still incredible to imagine how much work went into making them.

  • http://Facebook Margo Balaski

    I enjoyed seeing these. Sarasota, Florida also has a yearly sand structure contest..Come see it sometime.

  • http://www.shapewear1980.co.cc Fajas

    Some of these look very lifelike. Too bad it could get destroyed by the wind. They should cast this or something to preserve it.

  • Brittany

    These are absolutely breathtaking!!

    These people have true talent and I could only ever wish to be this talented!

    Beautiful work! :)

  • http://www.algarve-beach-life.com Jennifer

    Very nice.
    Some are from the annual sand sculpture festival in the Algarve, Portugal, which has been happening since 2003.
    See this year’s offerings at:


    I haven’t managed to see all of them yet, but I’m looking forward to doing so…

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  • http://zmoney.in.ua/ ????????

    Very cool
    artwork. I do some digital artwork myself.

  • XincontriAdulti.It

    I love it! thanks

  • Tinter


  • Sly_Stoned

    I can’t make it and I’m not even concerned about that

  • http://sandiego.fortuneinnovations.com/ Steve Winwood

    Great creations The creators are extraordinary

  • Fimark Home-Online

    Fascinating and imaginative works of art. I am particularly impressed with the sand castle architecture. This would make an exciting tour for our family reunion groups.

  • http://www.betterwoodworkingplans.com/ Ron White

    Very impressive.