Short Animation Film #11 : Elk Hair Caddis

As you may have noticed, many short animation films bet on humour and on totally improbable situations. It is notably the case for the very funny Elk Hair Caddis. A frog and a bear are living on a tiny planet. One day, they will create the chaos because of a fishing trip that turns bad. Elk Hair Caddis has a stunning aesthetic and character design. It is a true feast for the eyes. We smile and laugh during almost four minutes. The four main responsibles of this short film are Peter Smith, Alice Holme, Anders Brogaard and Magnus Moller. This film was a student project made in the Animation workshop of the Danish VIA University College.

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Published 10 April 2010
by Nicolas
3D, Art, Video
  • Simon

    La tronche du crapaud est extra ! Elle m’a bien fait rire cette vidéo :)