Short Animation Film #9 : Pigeon Impossible

Pigeon Impossible is, as its name implies, a short animation film which the main strength is abrasive humour. But it is also exceptional on many other domains. The story features Walter Beckett, a young agent of the CIA in possession of a nuclear briefcase. Unfortunately for him, he will quickly come across a pigeon as clever as cussed. Entertaining from start to finish, Pigeon Impossible is the work of Martell Animation, a small team led by Director Lucas Martell. This short film is remarkable by its scenario and its incredible mise-en-scene. It is a huge success: since its release online on may 7th 2009 over 4 million people (just on YouTube) have seen it. The team behind the short film has also made an impressive series of 19 very informative podcasts which can be assimilated to a big making-of.

Visit the officiel website of Pigeon Impossible

Published 27 March 2010
by Nicolas
3D, Art, Video