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Anniversary giveaway : win 15 video tutorials Tokkun Academy

Anniversary giveaway : win 15 video tutorials Tokkun Academy

To celebrate our third anniversary, Art-Spire organizes a special giveaway in affiliation with Tokkun Academy. Tokkun Academy is a company producing high-quality video tutorials in the fields of digital paintings and 3D. Each tutorial lasts 3 hours or more so you can really see every details of the process, step by step. They are made by internationally acclaimed artists and are available on almost every devices (computer of course but also devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone). Multiple languages are also in the program (French, English, Spanish and Chinese).

Concours Tokkun Academy

From Saturday, September 1th to Saturday, September 15 (11:59 pm GMT time), we give you the opportunity to win every day a video tutorial by Tokkun Academy (digital version – VOD).
To participate, you have many possibilities :

We highly recommend that you participate using the three possibilities mentioned above. So you’ll have more chance to win! A random draw will be done every day during these two weeks to choose the winners of this giveaway. However it is useless to participate each day to the giveaway. Indeed, if you participate using a method listed above (or all of these methods to multiply your chance of winning) you’ll be automatically registered for the entire length of the giveaway.

Winners will be able to choose a tutorial among the current offer: Environment Art Technique, Cleaning & Colors Technique, Sketch to Illustration Techniques.

Good luck everyone and thanks for your loyalty to Art-Spire.


The winners :
Saturday, September 1 : stilobique (Aurélien Vaillant)
Sunday, September 2 : Miroslav Misic
Monday, September 3 : Naka
Tuesday, September 4 : Filip Dufka
Wednesday, September 5 : Firechameleon Fc
Thursday, September 6 : Sape Pimon
Friday, September 7 : Vincent Orso
Saturday, September 8 : Charles
Sunday, September 9 : Viral Planet
Monday, September 10 : Betty Signori
Tuesday, September 11 : Silvio Sushit
Wednesday, September 12 : Armel Toquin
Thursday, September 13 : Al_ciende
Friday, September 14 : Maxime L. Smith
Saturday, September 15 : Daniel Erny

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