Beautiful abstract artworks by Giel Blankestijn 3D, Art, Illustration15.12.2009

Beautiful abstract artworks by Giel Blankestijn

Giel Blankestijn is a talented graphic designer living in Almelo (The Netherlands). At only 19, he his the author of stunning artworks mixing illustrations and 3D abstract forms.

Jeff Huang’s incredible creations 3D, Art, Graphic design11.12.2009

Jeff Huang’s incredible creations

On Art-Spire, we show you almost each day illustrations and photo-manipulation. Jeff Huang non only does both, he does these with a huge talent!

Tuomas Korpi’s imaginative world 3D, Art, Graphic design, Illustration07.12.2009

Tuomas Korpi’s imaginative world

Located in Helsinki Tuomas Korpi is a young Finnish artist. He has a passion for illustration and design. There are elements of both the dream and the nature in his works.

Incredible space-travel with Josef Bartoñ 3D, Art, Illustration09.11.2009

Incredible space-travel with Josef Bartoñ

For all time space has always fascinated Man. And with the mind-blowing digital-paintings of Josef Bartoñ, this desire of exploration is stronger than ever.

Stunning works of Javier Alvarado 3D, Art, Graphic design28.09.2009

Stunning works of Javier Alvarado

Known under the nickname “PoisonVectors”, Javier Alvarado is a very talented artist specialize in photo-manipulation. Currently living in Costa Rica and at only 23 years old, he is also very good in the digital illustration...

Art-Spire open its gates 3D, Art, Graphic design, Illustration, Photography, Video, Wallpapers, Web design01.09.2009

Art-Spire open its gates

Passionate for art, found of webdesign, addict to photography ? Welcome to Art-Spire ! Art-Spire (or AS for our close fans), it’s every day a incredible selection of artistic works for your personnal inspiration.