The Wallpaper Award #124 Graphic design, Illustration, Wallpapers05.07.2012

The Wallpaper Award #124

Here is a brand new wallpaper for your desktop! Entitled “Totem”, this mix between illustration and photo manipulation is the work of the Finnish artist Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen.

The Wallpaper Award #123 Illustration, Wallpapers24.05.2012

The Wallpaper Award #123

Based in Sofia, Bulgary, the Illustrator and Graphic Designer Zlatina Zareva created an amazing wallpaper for the 2011 edition of Desktopography. This photo-manipulation seems to tell the story of a horse who come straight from...

The Wallpaper Award #122 Illustration, Wallpapers17.05.2012

The Wallpaper Award #122

We previously featured the young Canadian artist Simon Weaner one year ago and we show you today a wallpaper made by this artist. His mastery is really impressive, even more for a 22 years-old illustrator.

The Wallpaper Award #121 Graphic design, Photography, Wallpapers10.05.2012

The Wallpaper Award #121

The wallpaper of this week is a digital creation of Aleksei Kostjuk, a graphic designer born in Ukrain but now living in Munich, Germany. It’s a beautiful photo manipulation where all the different elements are...

The Wallpaper Award #120 Photography, Wallpapers26.04.2012

The Wallpaper Award #120

For this new episode of The Wallpaper Award, we feature a new photo of David Olkarny. We already featured this 24 year-old Belgian photographer already known worldwide. His stagging are excellent, as well as his...

The Wallpaper Award #119 Graphic design, Wallpapers19.04.2012

The Wallpaper Award #119

The brilliant Czech graphic designer Tomas Sychra continues to create top-notch wallpapers at a frantic rythm. This one is entitled “Incomprehension” and it’s a mix between a photograph and geometric shapes.

The Wallpaper Award #118 Graphic design, Photography, Wallpapers12.04.2012

The Wallpaper Award #118

Karim Fakhoury is a Canadian Illustrator and designer based in Montreal. Despite his young age (19), he has already made many works and their quality is really impressive. His photo-manipulations are particularly well-realized.

The Wallpaper Award #117 Graphic design, Wallpapers05.04.2012

The Wallpaper Award #117

The wallpaper of the week is the work of Lukas Kubla, a 19 years-old Slovak artist. Entitled “Devil Eye”, this wallpaper is one of the numerous abstract works he already created. We particularly appreciate the...

The Wallpaper Award #116 Photography, Wallpapers29.03.2012

The Wallpaper Award #116

Here is a new wallpaper on Art-Spire and it’s a work by Sven müller, a young (21 years-old) German photographer specialized in landscapes. This dream environment is the Barmsee Lake in Germany. We will feature...

The Wallpaper Award #115 Graphic design, Wallpapers22.03.2012

The Wallpaper Award #115

The Croatian artist Ranko Blazina creates for the latest exhibition of Desktopography a brand new wallpaper untitled “Second Part”. This perfectly realized photo-manipulation depicts a woman trapped in a tree.

The Wallpaper Award #114 Graphic design, Wallpapers15.03.2012

The Wallpaper Award #114

New feature for Bram Vanhaeren and above all new beautiful wallpaper from this Belgian artist. At only 21, this graphic designer is as creative as productive and never fails to impress us with his illustrations,...

The Wallpaper Award #113 Graphic design, Wallpapers08.03.2012

The Wallpaper Award #113

This time again we feature today a work by Justin Maller. This Australian Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in New York is internationally reputed. His works are really creative and brillantly executed.

The Wallpaper Award #112 3D, Graphic design, Illustration, Wallpapers01.03.2012

The Wallpaper Award #112

The wallpaper of this week was created by Yvan Feusi, a very talented swiss artist skilled in 3D, graphic design and illustration. For the latest exhibition of Desktopography, he made a very unique work with...

The Wallpaper Award #111 Graphic design, Illustration, Wallpapers23.02.2012

The Wallpaper Award #111

For this new wallpaper award, we selected “Heavens Nectar”, a work by Mike Harrison. The composition immediatly catches the eye and the colors are absolutely gorgeous. This wallpaper was created for the latest exhibition of...

The Wallpaper Award #110 Photography, Wallpapers16.02.2012

The Wallpaper Award #110

Michael Braun is a very talented German photographer who shots great portraits and landscapes. The wallpaper selected this week is an infrared photography and the whole process is explained on the artists website. The contrast...

The Wallpaper Award #109 Graphic design, Wallpapers09.02.2012

The Wallpaper Award #109

Maciej Hajnrich dazzles us again with his new artwork entitled “Tomorrow Never Happened” created for the latest chapter of the famous collective Depthcore. As always with this talented Polish artist, both the concept and the...

The Wallpaper Award #108 Graphic design, Photography, Wallpapers02.02.2012

The Wallpaper Award #108

Leszek Juraszczyk is a Polish graphic designer and web designer that we already featured. This talented artist has created some wallpapers which are based on a photography. This one immerse us underwater. 

The Wallpaper Award #107 Graphic design, Illustration, Photography, Wallpapers26.01.2012

The Wallpaper Award #107

We already featured Kode Abdo a few times and this Australian graphic designer and illustrator still impress us by the quality and creativity of his works. Today this his latest wallpaper entitled “Last Hope” and...

The Wallpaper Award #106 Graphic design, Wallpapers19.01.2012

The Wallpaper Award #106

It’s not the first time that we feature Billy Bogiatzoglou and certainly not the last. This English artist prove his talent again with his wallpaper entitled “The Missing Link”. This abstract work, dynamic and colorful,...

The Wallpaper Award #105 Wallpapers12.01.2012

The Wallpaper Award #105

If you like geometric shapes, abstract works and colorful wallpapers, this wallpaper of Tomas Sychra is for you. It is entitled “Colour geometry” and is available in a really impressive amount of resolutions.