7 digital paintings video tuts you should see!

7 digital paintings video tuts you should see!

In partnership with Tuto.com, Art-Spire invites you to discover high quality Photoshop tutorials in video. These tuts are the works of professionals and allow you to improve in many fields. Today we focus on photoshop trainings about digital paintings. If you want to know how to quickly draw an environment or how to easily do face morphing, the videos below should interest you.

tuto.com is coming in english soon.

Techniques de digital painting d’environnement sous Photoshop

Technique de digital painting

Digital painting d’une créature

Faire un concept art de robot en Photo-Bashing

Création de brosses Photoshop et d’un Speed Painting

Composition d’image et techniques de base d’illustrations

Speed painting d’environnement vol 1 : sunset city

Published 15 June 2015
by Nicolas
Illustration, Video