Book – Digital Art Masters: Volume 9

Book – Digital Art Masters: Volume 9

Over 600 : it’s the incredible number of works visible in Digital Art Masters. Incredible yet not that surprising giving the fact that this series of books by 3DTotal always delights our eyes with hundreds of digital creations!

This book of 288 pages is divided in five very complete parts which will probably amaze and inspire you. The first chapter focuses on characters and creatures designs. Vampires, warriors, yetis, sci-fi soldiers, there are works for every taste! The second part presents more complete scenes: full-scale environments with sometimes vehicles and characters. The popular and funny cartoon characters are the subject of the third chapters which explores interesting and varied 2D/3D techniques. The book ends on two more chapters: one about fantasy, the other one about science-fiction. These are two popular universes, notably among concept artists.

Even if the Digital Art Masters books are dedicated to showcase works, they still give a lot of tips and techniques to allow intermediate artists to improve. Don’t forget that this book is not only for 2D enthusiasts but also for 3D lovers. The “case studies” contain many examples of how to use Photoshop, ZBrush and 3DS Max. Some of these mix different softwares and give an overall view of the creative process.

In conclusion, Digital Art Masters: Volume 9 is a great book to add to your library and you will enjoy it even more if you already know the basics of the softwares.

Published 26 January 2015
by Nicolas
3D, Illustration