20 insane creative works by Ben Heine

Ben Heine is a Belgian Illustrator and Photographer who will turned 28 soon. He is internationally known for his very creative works and notably the serie called “Pencil Vs Camera”. The artist makes an illustration and superimpose it on top of reality. Then he takes a photo that gives the impress that the drawing is a part of the photo. The concept and the execution are perfect. Discover all his works on DeviantArt, Flickr, his site and his blog.

Published 7 June 2011
by Nicolas
Illustration, Photography
  • http://touristeee.deviantart.com MrYellow

    Je suis absolument fan de ce qu’il fait. Je ne connaissais pas certains clichés de cette sélection. Merci

  • Pops Mr Frugal

    Love the way you do Art.

  • http://sandiego.fortuneinnovations.com/ Steve Winwood

    Great art The creators are not human beings.they are immortal

  • Fithian

    Awesome. Love stuff like this. Never seen it done with drawings before though

  • ManuDiCaminu/Freelancer

    Amazing Art i like it <3

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  • mr yelllowx


  • http://dincontri.com Dbakeka Italia

    looks nice…great artist

  • http://xincontriadulti.net Xincontri

    These look dangerously awesome!