Stunning portraits of homeless people by Lee Jeffries

Stunning portraits of homeless people by Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries is an English photographer currently based in Manchester. His particularity is to take pictures of homeless people that he encounters during his travels in America and Europe. The fact that he spends time to get to know his subjects before shooting them adds a real dimension to the portraits as if you could read the story of these people just by looking at them. This work is stunning. Don’t hesitate to check out Lee Jeffries’s portfolio to find out more.

  • Rui Garrido

    Incredible work, incredible light. You can feel years of Nature elements in their faces. Pretty dramatic!!!

  • Kat

    Amazing work. Those photographs made me speechless.

  • wow. raw and visceral. great work

  • Sz?ke Zsuzsanna

    A tell-tale of faces… as they are. Moving and shocking at the same time

  • Dahlia Caswell

    These are incredible!

  • Alicia St Rose

    AMAZING. I will visit his site over and over again to really take in those images. It’s as if he captured God looking out at us. The intimacy is incredible.

  • christopherboffoli

    Striking, successful images. Though I’m hoping the photographer was able to do something for these people considering he created a commodity from their poverty.

  • Yan Dero

    look at the beauty of their eyes. I’m a fan. this is really good work !!!

  • thomas karl

    feel as though i am seeing the coast of their soul,very memorizing .

  • amaterasu0

    WOW THAT Amazing

  • The photography is tremendous. They are AWESOME visual stories of what too many human souls suffer through in our world today, yet until you have walked among them you can’t even imagine the depths of agony . I wonder how many people stop to think about what attempting to exist through this life is really like on a daily basis for the homeless. We at encourage you to learn more and read about the homeless on our “About the Hurting and Homeless” page. Let’s do something about it.


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