Short Animation Film #54 : The Saga of Biorn 3D, Video05.03.2011

Short Animation Film #54 : The Saga of Biorn

Here is a new short animation film that we will make you smile. The Saga of Biorn tells the story of an old viking called Biorn. These latest wants to die honorably in a battle...

Short Animation Film #53 : Dragonboy 3D, Video26.02.2011

Short Animation Film #53 : Dragonboy

When the dragon falls in love with the princess, the valiant knight must battle a lot more than excepted if he wants to keep the main role. This is the story of Dragonboy, as simple...

Short Animation Film #52 : Seed City 3D, Video19.02.2011

Short Animation Film #52 : Seed City

An artist in a dark subway station is desperately searching  inspiration when he suddenly discovers a passage to a world when the creation has no limits. The original story of this short-film isn’t is only strength: it’s atmosphere and...

Short Animation Film #51 : Hezarfen 3D, Video12.02.2011

Short Animation Film #51 : Hezarfen

Once more it’s a short animation film from Supinfocom Arles that we feature today. In 1632, Hezarfen attempt the first flight of the human being and want to jump from the Galata tower in Istanbul. But his clumsiness...

Short Animation Film #50 : World War 3D, Video22.01.2011

Short Animation Film #50 : World War

In a futuristic conflict in a global scale, the robots have replaced human soldiers on the battlefield and are now able to transform themselves. Two of these fight in a desert street but are they...

Short Animation Film #49 : Adrift 3D, Video15.01.2011

Short Animation Film #49 : Adrift

A lonely girl living alone on a blue flying whale sees some change in her life when a young man with wings falls from the sky. This short-film was made in 3D Animation section of...

Short Animation Film #48 : ShapeShifter 3D, Video08.01.2011

Short Animation Film #48 : ShapeShifter

If you thought you’ve seen everything in terms of 3D movies with an amazing mise-en-scene, you maybe think different after watching ShapeShifter. This two minutes short-film based on the theme of metamorphosis is amazing on many aspects.

Amazing typographies by Jeff Osborne Graphic design, Typography20.12.2010

Amazing typographies by Jeff Osborne

Based in London, Jeff Osborne is a digital artist specialized in typography. In 3D as well as in 2D, he particularly loves to play with letters and with the meaning of the words. His works...

Short Animation Film #47 : E.T.A. 3D, Video18.12.2010

Short Animation Film #47 : E.T.A.

The pilot of a cargo spaceship navigate in space for a long, long time and he’s still not even close from his arrival on Earth. His life is boring and he suffers from loneliness. Except that...

Short Animation Film #46 : Meet Buck 3D, Video11.12.2010

Short Animation Film #46 : Meet Buck

We’ve been waiting for it for months and it’s finally online: “it” is for Meet Buck of course. This project has a graphical aspect very close to the excellent Salesman Pete, which is not surprising considering the two...

Short Animation Film #45 : Legacy 3D, Video04.12.2010

Short Animation Film #45 : Legacy

We inaugurated the “Short Animation Film” section with a masterpiece by Grzegorz Jonkajtys : Ark. This week we feature another short animation film in 3D of this Polish director, now based in California. 

Short Animation Film #44 : Maternelle 3D, Video27.11.2010

Short Animation Film #44 : Maternelle

With its title (nursery school in English) and its little main character, it’s easy to think that Maternelle target children in first place. Wrongfully because this short-film tells us the story of a young boy...

13 amazing 3D projections on buildings 3D, Video17.11.2010

13 amazing 3D projections on buildings

Today we focus on a very special type of art, complex and expensive but above all really impressive: the projection of 3D videos on buildings. These videos include a lot of visual effects and a lot are...

Short Animation Film #42 : This Side Up 3D, Video13.11.2010

Short Animation Film #42 : This Side Up

Very excited at the thought of having finally is own computer at home, a man will yet become disillusioned when he’s confronted to a very slow internet connection. He will really be into a tizzy!

Short Animation Film #41 : 8BITS 3D, Video06.11.2010

Short Animation Film #41 : 8BITS

It’s another incredible masterpiece from the Supinfocom school that we feature today! 8BITS, as its name suggest, is an incredible tribute to the videogames of the end of the 80′ and of the beginning of...

Short Animation Film #40 : Miam! 3D, Video30.10.2010

Short Animation Film #40 : Miam!

A young boy, greedy and full of imagination, start to dream about an epic adventure in a world made only of candy. Here is the simple and funny story of Miam!, a short-film that will...

100 artworks and 3D renders of videogames heroes 3D, Illustration, Showcase27.10.2010

100 artworks and 3D renders of videogames heroes

A few months ago we’ve grouped together 60 artworks and 3D renders of videogames heroines. Today we pay tribute to the opposite sex we raise the number of characters selected : there is no less than...

Short Animation Film #39 : Elephants Dream 3D, Video23.10.2010

Short Animation Film #39 : Elephants Dream

Elephants Dream is a short-animation film in 3D lasting about ten minutes and produce by the Blender Foundation with only open source software (just like Sintel that we previously featured).

Short Animation Film #38 : Silence 3D, Video16.10.2010

Short Animation Film #38 : Silence

Silence is French short animation film in 3D directed by four students of the Georges Meliès school: Stanislas Abelanet, Michel Donze, Louis Manjarres and Alexandre Saint-Martin. He tells us the story of a young man with...

Short Animation Film #37 : Parigot 3D, Video09.10.2010

Short Animation Film #37 : Parigot

A starving hobo try by any means to steal the dish of a delivery man. The two mens start an insane chase across a disproportionate Paris and the role of the hunter and the hunted...