Jess Whitehead

Jess Whitehead – Two Thirds Daily Selection, Illustration10.09.2012

Jess Whitehead – Two Thirds

Two Thirds, by Jess Whitehead

The Wallpaper Award #93 Graphic design, Typography, Wallpapers20.10.2011

The Wallpaper Award #93

To celebrate the launch of the new Artjunks collective, the South African graphic designer and illustrator Jess Whitehead has made a stunning wallpaper. The composition, the lightnings and above all the decomposed typography are really...

Graphic design works by Jess Whitehead Graphic design02.09.2011

Graphic design works by Jess Whitehead

Jess Whitehead is a young Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He is just 23 and he already have many interesting works in his portfolio. Most of these are great abstract...