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Site of the Month : December 2012

Site of the Month : December 2012

December 2012 has just end so it’s time to announce our Site of the Month. Choose one website is a very hard decision, that’s why we also give you our “Must See” of the month, sites you absolutely can’t miss. Finally, and above all, don’t hesitate to tell us what are your favorite websites of the moment by letting a comment on this article or every week on We Love Webdesign.

Site of the Month Jam with Chrome

In the field of interactive experiences on the internet, Jam with Chrome will probably land its mark. This new experimentation financed by Google allows you to play music with your firneds online. The amount of available instruments and the abaility to tune each instrument as you want is a real achievement which demonstrates again the capacities of HTML5.

Must See Disney Walt Disney World – New Fantasyland

Here is an absolutely gorgeous website which was very close to the title of “Site of the Month”. The realization of New Fantasyland is stunning and we immediatly want to play the game. A really great site which demonstrates, contrary to Jam with Chrome above, that Flash is still very useful to create interactive experiences online.

Must See The Production Kitchen

The Production Kitchen win is bet. By using an original navigation and a great illustrated style, this bakery of Singapore directly immerses us in its fresh and joyful universe.

Must See Daniel Källbom

With an intelligent idea, you can create an original portfolio which keep a traditionnal and clear structure. This is what we can learn from the new site of Daniel Källbom. By changing the background color according to the project when we scroll, this designer had an excellent idea.

Must See Welikesmall

Welikesmall get us used to great web projects. So when the studio based in Salt Lake City puts his new website online, we just can’t wait to discover it. Cases studies are interesting and global aesthetic is great. A must see.

Discover also all the websites selected in December 2012:

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