Super heroes reimagined by Sacha Goldberger Photography20.11.2014

Super heroes reimagined by Sacha Goldberger

We already knew Sacha Goldberger for his fantastic set of photos entitled “Mamika” where he was transforming is grand-ma in a superhero.

Mind-blowing “Distroy” works by PEZ Traditional Drawing31.10.2013

Mind-blowing “Distroy” works by PEZ

The French artist PEZ always delights us with his amazing style. He has a real artistic identity and a boundless imagination.

Real Life Disney Characters Illustration29.06.2012

Real Life Disney Characters

Real Life Disney Characters is a series of photo-illustrations created by Jirka Väätäinen who is a Finnish graphic design student. His work gives us a vision of what Disney characters would look like if they were real.