Short Animation Film #216 : L’incroyable Marrec 3D, Video26.04.2014

Short Animation Film #216 : L’incroyable Marrec

Here is another great short-film from the French school ESMA. It was directed by Régis Aillet, Alexandre Bass, Clément Chaudat, Etienne Devillée and Maxime Moreira. The soundtrack is composed by Jacob Thomas Czech.

Short Animation Film #102 : Electroshock 3D, Video04.02.2012

Short Animation Film #102 : Electroshock

A clumsy young man suddenly gets the power of slowing the time down around him. Then he will try to seduce Mady, the girl of his dream, desperatly looking for her hero. This is the...

Short Animation Film #100 : Tadufeu 3D, Video21.01.2012

Short Animation Film #100 : Tadufeu

This week it’s already the hundredth episode of Short Animation Film! We continue to feature short film from the ESMA (Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques) with Tadufeu. This time again, it is based on humorous...

Short Animation Film #99 : Eden 3D, Video14.01.2012

Short Animation Film #99 : Eden

When four student from the ESMA (Montpellier, France) adapt the myth of Adam and Eve in their own way, that give Eden, a funny and colorful short-film in 3D technically brilliant. It’s the work of...

Short Animation Film #98 : GOM 3D, Video07.01.2012

Short Animation Film #98 : GOM

Gom, a rubber-boy is trying to broke into the circus when he suddenly has this opportunity to be in the spotlight. Will he succeed or drive the circus to its ruin?

Short Animation Film #78 : GetOut 3D, Video20.08.2011

Short Animation Film #78 : GetOut

GetOut has absolutely everything we love to see in a short animated film ! Visually speaking, the render is great and the facial expressions really amazing. The sound is also top-notch. And finally the story...

Short Animation Film #56 : Jungle Jail 3D, Video19.03.2011

Short Animation Film #56 : Jungle Jail

“A young prisoner comes into a crazy jail, where everything could happen. Smaller and weaker than the others, he becomes the scapegoat of the place. One day, everything changes, and he finally turns into the...

Short Animation Film #4 : Replay 3D, Art, Video13.02.2010

Short Animation Film #4 : Replay

In a world totally devastated by man, survivors live isolated and can’t move along without wearing a oxygen mask.