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Art-Spire: 2 years, a brand new version!

Art-Spire: 2 years, a brand new version!

Launched the first Sepember 2009, Art-Spire today celebrates its second anniversary! It’s the perfect occasion to thanks all our readers, regular or just passing. Thanks to all of you the site lives and has known a very strong growth all along his second year online. Beyond the numbers, it’s also your dividing among countries everywhere in the world that motivates us to share even more artistic discoveries with you. In just two years, 1305 articles were posted, that is 12849 visual works to discover. True to our initial editorial policy, we continue to talk about art in a global way day after day, trying to show you varied and top notch works. For the next year ahead of us (and surely not the latest!), we will try to published even more valuable articles (notably giant showcases).

As a birthday gift, we have also launched a brand new version of Art-Spire. The third to be exact. These latest makes a better us of the width of your screen, enabling you to see more content in the same time. A new bloc randomly display our articles. Maybe you will discover, by chance, your new favorite artist! There are also some new things, more or less important. A pagination has been added to the archive pages, so now you can quickly navigate between article. The language switch (English / French) is also better. Above all, it’s now possible to log in with your Facebook or/and Twitter account. Just link your accounts to your profile in your Profile page. If you’re not a member of Art-Spire (shame on you !), you can still post a comment with your Twitter information (cette this functionality is in beta and will be upgraded soon).

Finally, we decided to spoil you with a special anniversary giveaway ! All the details are in this article. There is close to 600$ to win so don’t miss that!

Again, thanks everybody !

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