Art-Spire : the Version 5 is here !

Art-Spire : the Version 5 is here !

We celebrated our fifth anniversary a few weeks ago and today we introduce a brand new version of Art-Spire! We were working on it for some weeks now and you’ll be happy to see that this version includes novelties as well as a entire new design optimized for every devices!

Content : some evolutions

Let’s start with the content! We decided to regroup our hundreds of videos on a new category called “Art-Spire TV” or, quite simply, “TV” in the main menu. This section will give you an easier access than ever to the content you are looking for. Indeed the videos are now filtered and regrouped into channels. Presently there are ‘ channels: Short-Film, Advertising, Motion and Learning. Learning is a brand new section on Art-Spire and it’s one thing we want to develop a lot in a near future. Now we share with you the creative process of worldwide known artists in videos! Sometimes it’s even full commented tutorials. With these videos, we hope you’ll able to increase your skills by observing the best artists.

If the TV section is one of the main addition to this new version, the other categories are now more user-friendly than ever with direct access to the popular themes in the category’s banner. The content displayed on the homepage is more classified, segmented. First you can see the recent articles, then our famous Daily Selections followed by our most popular articles and then the latest six videos of Art-Spire TV. We also added a link on the main menu to get a quick access to the Reviews. We’re going to talk about many more art books in the future. Finally, you’ll probably notice the Play icon on every image of articles containing a video.

A new, fully responsive, design

Responsive design is everywhere and it was the perfect time for Art-Spire to be redesigned with all modern devices in mind. With the previous version of the site, we created one desktop version and one mobile version. This time it’s one same version fully responsive. From Full HD desktop monitors to mobile phones and tablets, you will always have the best viewing and reading experience. The orientation of your device also changes the way you see the content. The new design is also more “alive”, with many animations added on mouse over.

We hope that you’ll love visiting this new version of Art-Spire as much as we loved creating it! Please give us your comments, opinions, criticism: we are constantly trying to improve Art-Spire, for you.

Have a nice visit and thanks for your loyalty!

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