Art-Spire turns 5 with a giveaway

Art-Spire turns 5 with a giveaway

Time is running fast! It’s been already 5 years since we launched Art-Spire and the site quickly grown into a big adventure. And you are more and more to be a part of it every day. We thank you for reading us regularly but also for submitting your works or spreading our articles through social networks.

These previous months, we tried to featured more original and varied works. Notably in the fascinating field of sculpture but also traditional paintings and traditional drawings. If digital offers new artistic possibilities, we don’t forget that traditional visual arts exist for centuries and still impress us every day! In the future we will continue to explore the web from top to bottom to share with you even more extraordinary creations. Also they will be a few surprises that we keep secret for now.

Meanwhile and to thank you for your support, we propose you a new giveaway starting today. Thanks to our partner 3DTotal, we have 10 photo booklets of Loïc Zimmerman for you. This artist known for his fantastic concept art is also a skilled photographer. 3DTotal just released a book mainly focused on his illustrations. You can buy it on their store. We will write an article about it soon.

Pour participer, plusieurs options s’offrent à vous.

  • Participate via Facebook
    First you must “like” the Facebook page of Art-Spire and 3DTotal. Then you just have to comment the status of Art-Spire related to the giveway right here.. You can also like it and/or share it to participate to the giveaway.
  • Participate via Twitter
    Just retweet this tweet (don’t change its content).
  • Participate by commenting this article
    Just comment this article. Please specify a valid email address so we can contact you if you win.

We highly recommend that you participate using all the possibilities mentioned above. So you’ll have more chance to win! For example if you comment this article and share our Facebook status, you have 2 chances to win. Another example, if you comment our Facebook status and like it too and also you retweet the tweet, you have 3 chances to win.

The giveaway starts Monday, September 1st 2014 and end Monday, September 15th 2014 (at 11:59 pm – GMT time). A random draw will take place September, 16 to choose the winners. They will be announced on this page soon after.

Good luck everyone and thanks for your loyalty to Art-Spire. :)

UPDATE : Here are the 10 winners !
– Margaux Rousset
– Mathieu Monereau
– Mathieu Lance
– Jéssy Momon Ney
– Quentin Chaillet
– Myriam Iradahl
– Sylvianna Schneider
– Auré JDG
– Bastien Allard
– Florine Burot

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