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New version of Art-Spire

New version of Art-Spire

Launched in september 2009 1th, Art-Spire grows everyday on the web at an international scale. Faithfull to our initial ambitions, we have published everyday one, sometimes two, articles on numerous themes : illustration, graphic design, webdesign, photography, 3D, short animation film, wallpaper, etc. These various themes are now clearly mentioned in the brand new menu of this version 2. So now it’s very easy for you to sort article in order to reach directly what you are interested in. Of course the search engine and the keywords (now visible at the bottom of each page) also enable you to filter the articles.

In ten months, it’s more than 4700 works (and 350 articles) that we’ve featured and there is many more to come. In fact this new version introduces a new category called Daily Selection. In this one, you will find short articles showing only one work  that we particularly love. These articles are an addition, they absolutely don’t replace “classic” articles which are more complete and dedicated to an artist or a specific artistic themes. So you will find more art and inspiration on Art-Spire !

Of course a new version comes with a brand new design. We’ve kept the sober and uncluttered aspect of the previous version, but we’ve made it more modern and lively. The homepage has been reconsider to be more attractive, with huge visuals of the last articles and an easier access to the last interviews and weekly episodes. The appearance of the articles page has changed too. We worked on the integration of the social networks. Indeed, they help us a lot to make the site more popular and attract other visitors. We really encourage you to share the articles that you love with your friends. It’s our best reward.

Finally, we’d like to thank all the visitors and  more particularly the ones who contribute to make the site more worldwide known. A big thanks also to all the active visitors who don’t hesitate to comment the articles and to vote for articles they love. We are nothing without you so thanks a lot and come back regularly, you won’t be disappointed ! A last thing: if you have ideas for articles or if you want to suggest artists to us, don’t hesitate to contact us. Well, that’s it. We let you discover this new version and let you tell us what you think about this new version.

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