Short Animation Film #5 : Quercus – Global Warming 3D, Art, Video20.02.2010

Short Animation Film #5 : Quercus – Global Warming

The short animation film of the week will probably make you think about the importance of the global warming and its harmful effects leading to the disappearance of many species.

Short Animation Film #4 : Replay 3D, Art, Video13.02.2010

Short Animation Film #4 : Replay

In a world totally devastated by man, survivors live isolated and can’t move along without wearing a oxygen mask.

Short Animation Film #3 : Alarm 3D, Art, Video06.02.2010

Short Animation Film #3 : Alarm

It’s not always easy to wake up in the morning. And it’s not the student of the short-animation film Alarm who will pretend the opposite. He preferes stopping every alarm to stay in bed.

Short Animation Film #2 : Al Dente 3D, Art, Video30.01.2010

Short Animation Film #2 : Al Dente

A starving little girl accidentally arrives in an incredible kitchen but, unfortunately, the chief is a tyrant. That is the initial idea behind the fantastic short animation film Al Dente.

Short Animation Film #1 : Ark 3D, Art, Video23.01.2010

Short Animation Film #1 : Ark

Now, discover Short Animation Film every Saturday on Art-Spire. This new section focuses on a short animation film that you must absolutely see. This week, discover Ark!

Art-Spire open its gates 3D, Art, Graphic design, Illustration, Photography, Video, Wallpapers, Web design01.09.2009

Art-Spire open its gates

Passionate for art, found of webdesign, addict to photography ? Welcome to Art-Spire ! Art-Spire (or AS for our close fans), it’s every day a incredible selection of artistic works for your personnal inspiration.