Interview Stephen Arens : the master of HDR

Interview Stephen Arens : the master of HDR

For this first interview on Art-Spire, we have chosen Stephen Arens, a very talented American photographer. His HDR photos are truly stunning ! For more impressive photos, check his portfolio.

First of all can you tell us how you came to photography? Was it a passion since your childhood?

No, though I could always draw, and I am a graphic artist by trade, so I think I am visual.

Why did you specialize yourself in HDR photography (High Dynamic Range)?

I stumbled upon some photos of Cambridge University if I remember correctly, and I had never seen anything like it. They turned out to be HDR. The detail was remarkable, I was blown away.

What is, in your opinion, a good HDR photo? What are the mistakes to avoid?

It’s all about detail more than anything else. The rich colors are great, but I love the look of film as well, so I often try to emulate that, which I think is a little less saturated. It all depends on the photo. I try to let the image define the final result, and everyone is different. I have seen some photo’s that are all the bad side effects of HDR, so I think some people don’t understand it, or just can’t see it, or haven’t figured it out yet?.

Are you going to experiment other style of photography?

I would love to experiment with portraits. Lighting fascinates me, the stobist’s. It has all the detail of HDR if not more, and it’s all done with lights, and that’s magic. I do plan on getting 1 or 2 TTL (Trough The lens)  flash units and experimenting.

What are the themes that you like developing and why?

I just love old stuff. Cars, planes, buildings. They are rich in character and history, and they just don’t build stuff like that anymore. The cars from the 40’s fascinate me.

Do you have other artistic passions except photography?

Music is important. I play various types of guitars. I can draw, but Photoshop and Illustrator have replaced pen and pencil. I do logo’s and layouts, retouching, etc… The Macintosh has given me a means to earn a living and pursue my own artistic vision. I could not live without it. Thank you Apple for existing.

More photos and informations on his portfolio.

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