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Site of the Month: April 2011

Site of the Month: April 2011

April 2011 has just end so it’s time to announce our Site of the Month. Choose one website is a very hard decision, that’s why we also give you our “Must See” of the month, sites you absolutely can’t miss. Finally, and above all, don’t hesitate to tell us what are your favorite websites of the moment by letting a comment on this article or every week on We Love Webdesign.

Site of the Month IWC

The well-known agency Odopod has released its new masterpiece : IWC Schaffhausen. Everything in this website is beautiful (the photos are espacially amazing) and interactive. There is a lot of animations and they are all usefull. IWC is an amazing use of jQuery and a website everyone should admire.

Must See The Bullitt Agency

This one was very very closed of the Site of the Month award. You’ve probably already seen it. The Bullitt Agency is one of the most, if not the most, impressive HTML5 powered website to date. Each animations is smooth and well-done and the overall design is stunning. The introduction is also beautiful. A must see!

Must See Civil War 150

We just love the way each information is presented on Civil War 150. There are so much different and usefull data infographics that it’s a total pleasure to navigate. Civil War 150 perfectly demonstrates how to give a lot of informations without boring the user.

Must See Manufacture d’Essai

We already told you that vertical parallax effects in JavaScript is a new trend. Well Manufacture d’Essai is one of the most impressive demonstration of what you can do using parallax and your imagination. Enjoy the “experience”!

Must See Unfold

Just like Manufacture d’Essai, Unfold makes a very great and clever use of parallax effects and add some other types of animations that give overall a very dynamic and interactive website.

Must See Ben Martineau

Ben Martineau’s portfolio is a perfect example of what a minimalist grid based website should be. There is space, clean effects and even the possibility to show the grid used by the website. A really nice job !

Discover also all the websites selected in April 2011:

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