Short Animation Film #149 : Perceptive 3D, Video12.01.2013

Short Animation Film #149 : Perceptive

Perceptive is a short animated film mixing 2D and 3D. It was made by Dane Winn and Charlie Miller in only 10 days. The final result is excellent so it’s a big achievement. We are...

Insane illustrations by Victorior Illustration26.09.2012

Insane illustrations by Victorior

Victorior is a 26 years old freelance artist from Bangkok, Thailand. He is specialised in 2D, illustration, character design and concept art. His creations are anchored in the worlds of cartoons and fantasy and are inspired...

Short Animation Film #130 : Lumberjack Video25.08.2012

Short Animation Film #130 : Lumberjack

Lumberjack is a short animation film directed by five students of The Animation Workshop : Sarah-Mia T. Nielsen, Laura Büchert Schjødt, Louise Bergholt Sørensen, Per Klausen and Frederik Villumsen. It has not only a strong...

Short Animation Film #124 : Ad Lucem Illustration, Video14.07.2012

Short Animation Film #124 : Ad Lucem

Ad Lucem is a short animation film in traditional 2D (animated one image after another) directed by Ghislain Avrillon in collaboration with Nicolas de Gorter and Romain Parizel for the animation and character design. The...