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Art-Spire : third anniversary!

Art-Spire : third anniversary!

Art-Spire today celebrates its third anniversary ! It’s again the occasion for us to thanks all our visitors who read our article every day from every corner of the world. We have come a long way since the opening of the blog September 1, 2009 and these latest twelve months have seen a significant increase of the visits compared to the previous twelve months. In short, you are more and more numerous to read and watch our articles and that make us really happy and motivated to offer even more qualitative, interesting and varied articles. A few days ago we reached a milestone : one million visits since the opening of Art-Spire. And there is now more than 2 000 articles online. That represents more than 18 000 images, almost the same amount of artistic works.

To start this new year, we organize a special giveaway with our friends of Tokkun Academy. You can win 15 high-quality video tutorials (each tutorial last hours so you can discover all the tips and techniques from professionals). To participate, check this article.

We attack this new year online with ambition and hope to see you even more numerous.

Thanks again !

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