Short Animation Film #194 : The Staves – Winter Trees 3D, Video23.11.2013

Short Animation Film #194 : The Staves – Winter Trees

We feature today this beautiful video clip created for the song Winter Trees interpreted by The Staves. It immerses us in a gorgeous enchanted forest.

Short Animation Film #193 : Tuurngait 3D, Video16.11.2013

Short Animation Film #193 : Tuurngait

Tuurngait is the story a young Inuit (Nanuk) who is too curious. He decides to follow a bird into distant lands. His father has no other choice than going outside to find his son.

Short Animation Film #192 : Spotted 3D, Video09.11.2013

Short Animation Film #192 : Spotted

Here is a brilliant short animation film from the French school Gobelins which has a very interesting and funny universe. We are in the middle of a violent interrogation in an old warehouse and the...

Short Animation Film #191 : I-ON 3D, Video02.11.2013

Short Animation Film #191 : I-ON

Today we invite you to discover the first teaser of a new animated series which will go along with a comics.

Short Animation Film #190 : The Mega Plush 3D, Video26.10.2013

Short Animation Film #190 : The Mega Plush

The English artist Matt Burniston starts a series of really dark and intense short animation films. It’s the story of four plush toy vigilantes against a growing army of monkeys who want to take control...

Short Animation Film #189 : Annie Video19.10.2013

Short Animation Film #189 : Annie

We started to get used to the high quality of short-films created at the French school Gobelins. Annie is another proof. Its very cool graphical style, its humor and its staging are worth the look.

Short Animation Film #188 : ABBY – Monsters 3D, Video12.10.2013

Short Animation Film #188 : ABBY – Monsters

The London-based studio Magnitude created this brilliant clip for the song Monsters by the band ABBY.

Short Animation Film #187 : The Longest Road 3D, Video28.09.2013

Short Animation Film #187 : The Longest Road

The Longest Road is the story of a young man who declines the throne and preferes to go on an adventure. This adventure will be rich and full of lessons.

Short Animation Film #186 : The Scarecrow 3D, Video21.09.2013

Short Animation Film #186 : The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow is a fantastic short animation film in 3D with a strong message: the giant multinational companies are currently lowering the quality of our food to make more profits. In the universe of The...

Short Animation Film #185 : Un conte Illustration, Video14.09.2013

Short Animation Film #185 : Un conte

A strong message, a beautiful art direction and a brilliant soundtrack: here is another unmissable short-film on Art-Spire.

Short Animation Film #184 : Myosis Illustration, Video07.09.2013

Short Animation Film #184 : Myosis

Here is another fantastic short-film from the Gobelins. Myosis has its very own universe and artistic style. The staging is brilliant, the fluid forms and movements are remarkable. Myosis is the work of five artists:...

Short Animation Film #183 : Runaway 3D, Video31.08.2013

Short Animation Film #183 : Runaway

Today we feature a short film with an original story: an old refrigerator which is more and more used decides to runaway because he believes his owner will replace him. The personification of the fridge...

Short Animation Film #182 : BAOBAB 3D, Video24.08.2013

Short Animation Film #182 : BAOBAB

Here is another short-film which successfully conveys an important message in only a few minutes. The five students of Supinfocom (Nicolas Loesner, Anaëlle Moreau, Marina Steck, Simon Taroni and Benjamin Tron) have made an impressive...

Short Animation Film #181 : SpyFox 3D, Video17.08.2013

Short Animation Film #181 : SpyFox

Here is a short-film that all the fans of the first James Bond movies will enjoy. SpyFox multiplies the clichés and references to the first spy movies. The only difference is the that the hero...

Short Animation Film #180 : Contre temps 3D, Video10.08.2013

Short Animation Film #180 : Contre temps

Here is another brilliant short animation film from students of Supinfocom. On top of a great art direction, a beautiful soundtrack and an excellent overall realization, Contre temps has a very interesting universe. The level...

Short Animation Film #179 : Wanted Melody 3D, Video03.08.2013

Short Animation Film #179 : Wanted Melody

Warning, we feature for the first time a sex movie on Art-Spire! Don’t panic, this short film is for everyone. It takes place in a far west where men have been replaced by dicks.

Short Animation Film #178 : Azúl 3D, Video27.07.2013

Short Animation Film #178 : Azúl

Azúl is a short animation film which have a great art direction and an amazing atmosphere. This is due to the very calm soundtrack but also the story itself. The three main characters are trapped...

Short Animation Film #177 : Catharsis 3D, Video20.07.2013

Short Animation Film #177 : Catharsis

An insignificant office worker sees his repressed drives taking shape as a monstrous thing which will fulfill his most violent desires.

Short Animation Film #176 : Trois Petits Chats 3D, Video13.07.2013

Short Animation Film #176 : Trois Petits Chats

On Art-Spire, we really like short-film, especially when they are funny. Yet we feature today a sad and moving production. Trois Petits Chats is the work of four students of Supinfocom : Benoît Delaunay, Albane Hertault...

Short Animation Film #175 : Bye Bye Bunny 3D, Video06.07.2013

Short Animation Film #175 : Bye Bye Bunny

Bye Bye Bunny is a short-film directed by six students of Supinfocom : Julia Bueno, Cheng Li, Catherine Lepicard, Inès Pagniez, Julien Roguet and Paul Torris. Imagine our world without bunnies. What would the consequence...